We help you to choose the best carrier provider,select carrier from search result for your shipment. Once you select requested service, you are required to enter all other details such as names, destinations, weight, value and choose to ship your next shipment.


RateParcel provides shipment tracking service free of charge, you may access our shipment tracking tool for any purchased shipping label from rateparcel website or you may go to any carrier website directly to track the shipment on their website. In tracking tool, just select the carrier from the list, insert the shipping label tracking number, select track for tracking. We also help you to receive notification by email and SMS to keep you updated with real-time status of your shipment.


Once Shipping label is purchased on our website, you will be receiving confirmation email with transaction ID and shipping label details. The label is also available in your profile shipping history and payment history. If you are looking to download simple PDF for your shipping label or print it, you may do that from your profile, email or confirmation.


It is mandatory to insert this information for both Envelope and Package, information will be recorded in the shipping label and may effect the search result and rates. Envelope and Package values normally identify the customs requirements. Any additional custom charges will be notified by carrier service with invoice to be paid by customers. 


While creating your shipment, you may select either pick-up or drop-off. If you selected Pick-up, after purchasing your label, you may schedule pick-up by contacting the carrier company directly or contact us. If you choose to drop-off, you have to deliver the shipment to carrier nearest office location. It is required to provide printed shipping label during any service.


If you are unsure of the package weight, use scale. It is very important to be precise about all values you are adding while creating the shipment. If any changes to the measures during the delivery process, this may cause extra cost charged by carrier.


For security reasons and due to localcustoms, this information will be required to be added to your shipment. Make sure you enter the correct information and it is the customer responsibility to add information to the system and will be recorded accordingly.