How to Send And Receive Packages Safely in This Pandemic

How to Send And Receive Packages Safely in This Pandemic

Whether you are a customer or a business owner, there are various shipping uncertainties caused by this aggressive spread of coronavirus. With quick and easy transmission, this virus could place our lives in danger without even notice it. However, this pandemic should not stop the business from sending nor restricting the customers for receiving their important products that wrapped in Custom Shipping Boxes. Hence, here are some essential things to make you safe when sending and receiving packages in this pandemic. The Lifespan of Coronavirus on the Surfaces The lifespan of the coronavirus totally depends on the type of surface. Current research suggests that this life-threatening virus can survive in aerosols and on other surfaces from 3 hours up to 3 days.   This virus can survive up to 3 hours in the air or aerosolized form This virus can live up to 24 hours in cardboard or other absorbent surfaces This virus can live up to 72 hours in plastic, stainless steel, or other hard, polished surfaces Since most shipping boxes are made of cardboard material, both business owners and customers need to do extreme precautions about this. Notwithstanding the fact that before a product will reach its final destination, it will be traveled through a variety of warehouses. The healthcare experts have informed that if you have accidentally touched a surface that suspected to have coronavirus, then your hands will surely be contaminated. For this, you should not touch your face and wash your hands immediately for at least 20 seconds. What Precautions Can Be Taken By Customers? Even though many experts are saying that there is only a low risk of catching COVID-19 from custom printed shipping boxes, as a customer, you should take precautions when receiving any package. Some steps you could do are: If possible, leave the box open outside and wait out until 24 hours Wash your hands with soap and water, or you could also use disinfectant before taking the product out of the box If you need to use the product indoors before 24 hours, then make sure to have a disinfected landing pad such as tabletop or counter Take the product out and disinfect thoroughly or you could also wash it immediately What the Business Owners Can Do to Lessen the Spread Out of Coronavirus? In this pandemic situation, as a business owner, you need to ensure your customers that you are doing your greatest effort to keep your products and your printed shipping boxes to be clean and virus-free. Below are some standardized procedures you could follow for your packing operations. If any of your employees experience the symptoms of COVID-19, they should stay at home to recover Sterilize all your products before packing them Maintain the cleanliness of the packing stations and sanitize them regularly Ask your employees to wash their hands before packing any product Work with a shipping company that has firm hygienic guidelines Wrapping Up One thing that all business owners should note is that you should always put your customers' safety above everything. Moreover, while applying the safety guidelines appropriately, also remember to communicate with your customers about this action to make them feel more comfortable when purchasing and receiving your products in hygienic wholesale shipping boxes. Durable and Soft Boxes to Seal Your Products When it's time to ship your goods to your favorite customers, positively you want such a packaging that could seal and preserve your favorite products properly. Clearly, you don't need your valued customers to be frustrated when they get your products in a messed box. Better than this, with Packaging Boxes Wholesale, you could create your boxes as we also allow you to get these extraordinary boxes with a free LOGO printed built-in custom design, frames, and sizes.  



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