Common Shipping Mistakes And How Can You Avoid Them

Common Shipping Mistakes And How Can You Avoid Them

Shipping of consignments requires the process of going through various operations that needs proper documentation and execution. Making mistakes during this process can damage and hamper with the quality of the consignment.   These mistakes can add to unwanted expenses and the whole process can become time-consuming. Let us discuss some shipping mistakes and some tricks to resolve them.   Improper packaging If the package that is being delivered is not properly packed then carriers can easily be damaged which can lead to loss of consignment and money as well. This is done when a shipping company chooses to save some money and hire a company that is not capable enough to handle or provide good services. To resolve this issue when booking a company for packaging choose the one that packs the consignment well to avoid getting them damaged while being shipped. For instance, if there is weather disturbance the shipment might bash up against each other and break, but if they are properly packed then there will be no damage as such.   Inaccurate shipment weight Sometimes the company exporting the consignment might put down inaccurate weight, this may occur due to lack of proper equipment. A professional company will have certified scales to measure the shipment weight. Having an accurate weight is very important, it helps in classifying how the consignment will be packed and delivered. The fee for delivering the consignment depends on the weight as well, if at later inspection weight comes out to be more than what was claimed by the companies then there are fines that needs to be paid. A good freight company will ensure that the consignments are classified accurately and fees are paid well on time.   Inaccurate freight class Many shipping companies try to hire freight companies that provide service at low cost, but this can result in poor services. A good freight company helps in running many functions that determines, how they will be packed and which mode of transportation will deliver them.   Shipment services Exporter should have a basic understanding of importers ability to receive the consignment. For instance if the consignments require transferring the merchandise through liftgate, and the consignees does not have the provision of it, then shipment will not be able to get delivered. They will have to find the provision to get the consignment delivered safely which means additional expense. To maximise the efficiency and effective delivery, assign proper service in advance before shipping to avoid unnecessary expense later. Many  shipping lines in Canada or north America  take proper steps and regulations to avoid any kind of mistakes and improve efficiency while delivering the consignment. With professional service provided every time with every shipment, these companies work with reputed freight companies and logistic companies in Canada.   Relying on a single carrier for all shipments   Some shipping companies only have the provision of one kind of carrier for transportation, this may be because of old trusted relations but relying on one carrier can cost you more than you think. You will find it difficult to handle large consignments. It is advisable to have several carriers working with your company to ensure that you can provide maximum efficient services Delivery receipt Importer should thoroughly examine the consignments as they receive and report any kind of damage, mishandling or any kind of abnormality that they noticed before signing off. You can claim for damages before signing otherwise it gets difficult to file for claim. Because If you claim for damages after signing off the receipt then the importer might reject these claims by stating that damage has happened after the delivery. Incorrect address The most common mistake made by shipping companies are putting of incorrect addresses, zip code or importer information incorrect, the consignment can wind up at the wrong place. A shipper should take out time and properly inspect all the information of the consignments and documentation to ensure safe delivery. In conclusion How to resolve issues: ask for professional help These mistakes can be easily resolved by taking professional help. Depending upon a good company for the services will ensure less risk and damage-free shipping. With can assist you with shipments and to avoid such mistakes refer to shipping guidelines and regulation.    



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Common Shipping Mistakes And How Can You Avoid Them
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